B’Goodies nouveau salon de coiffure vintage et rock’n’roll à St Divy

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Rencontre avec Pierre Champon, propriétaire d’un Café Racer


Il n’y a pas si longtemps, Kristell me parle de Pierre. Il avait pris en photo ma boîte aux lettres (parce que j’ai une très très belle boite aux lettres si si !!) et l’avait envoyé sur la boite mail de Mam’zelle breizh. Surprise de ma part… un peu de crainte et d’indignation. L’annonce m’a un peu décontenancée sur le coup…
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Ty Jean Bart, un kustom café terrrrible gggrrrrrrrrrrrr

Une épopée pour arriver dans un des bars les plus sympas du Finistère, le Ty Jean Bart.
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Sailor Jerry et le tatouage old school

Un artiste incontournable de la culture old school : Sailor Jerry de son vrai nom Norman Keith Collins. Il est le papa des tatouages et symboles old school si souvent présents dans le milieu marin. Continuer la lecture de « Sailor Jerry et le tatouage old school »

El Mirage de Brandon Schrichten

My name is Brandon Schrichten and have been some what of a film maker since my early teens. I have been a part of Scott Toepfer’s photo journal project, « It’s Better in the Wind » since the beginning. His enthusiasm, and creative drive for his project, sparked something in me as well. I realized the opportunity to start documenting our rides would help give me a whole new perspective on the riding experience. Through the years, I lived in California and went on almost every single ride and did what I could to capture the moment. Meanwhile, Scott’s project was taking off and the success of his vision made my projects get noticed. I have never been a self promoter and have always made my videos just for our friends to see, but it seems like other people started to take a liking. In the recent months, I moved to Colorado, away from all my friends and family. That meant no more fun rides every day in beautiful California. Scott has been working on a film to go with his photo journal project and this El Mirage trip was supposed to be the closing chapter on his project. I couldn’t wait for this trip and wasn’t going to miss it for the world. With the weather against us with rain, sleet, snow, and a tornado warning, I shoveled a path in the snow so I can load the bikes in the truck and drove off into the snow filled Rocky Mountains. Two days of solid driving and my soul was rejuvenated when I saw my friends. I have the best group of friends a guy could have and they are the life of any event. I went months without being able to work on a video project because I was trying to get settled in my new home and was itching for a new project. Even though I knew Scott was out there filming for his project, I wanted to gather my own footage for my project and memories. Making this video has done nothing but help me relive the best trip I have ever been on. Every clip has a story behind it and I get to relive it through this video. I am glad that everyone else has taken a liking to this video and even though it was a video to be shared amongst my friends, I am glad it has the approval among the public. I am so blessed in all that life has given me and there is one thing I am extremely grateful for and it is the absolute time of my life I get to share with my friends. Thanks again for all the support !

Je ne vous mets pas la traduction comme je sais que vous êtes hyper calé et bilingue comme moi. Bon je te résume quand même. C’est l’histoire d’un mec, super sympa, qui a plein de potes et qui roule en bécane mais là où toi tu n’y habites pas. Il fait une vidéo et hop ! la vidéo elle est vraiment trop cool. Tout le monde l’aime et il dit merci. Voilà (un moment il parle de la neige… ne t’inquiète pas, il a mis son pull).
moi je dis « de rien »